CYIA 2024 Student Application

Application is due by May 15, 2024. Please send a $50 application fee as soon as possible after submitting this online application. Total cost of CYIA is $500. If paying with paypal, please add $15 to cover the 3% paypal fee. Go to Click on "donations". Balance is due no later than June 16, 2024 when you sign in at CYIA. An additional $25 for the CYIA Field Trip on Saturday, June 22 can be paid at CYIA registration on June 16.

Notice of Non-discrimination Policy

Child Evangelism Fellowship® admits students of any race, color, ethnic origin, and nationality to al privileges, programs, and activities available through our training programs.
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Student T-Shirt Size (Adult Sizes)
CYIA Experience
Please check CEF Ministry and training that you have participated in

Personal Testimony

Please provide information regarding when and where you trust Christ as your Savior. Include at least one Bible verse that helps you know that you are truly saved. If you are a returning student, please share how the Lord has been working in your life over the past year.

Personal References

Please provide name and contact information for 1. Your pastor/youth pastor/spiritual leader and 2. a non-related adult friend. You can download paper reference forms for them to use or direct them to this link to fill out the reference form online. REFERENCES ARE DUE BY MAY 30, 2024

Acknowledgement Statement

I understand that completion of CYIA training does not guarantee that I will be accepted for service this summer. I also understand that my attitude toward CYIA staff and fellow students does matter. I understand that while I am at Grace Christian University for CYIA, I am under the authority of the Director of CYIA and all the staff. I understand that I am to follow the rules and guidelines that are outlined in the CYIA Student Guide.

Photo Release

I give absolute right and permission to use my pbotgraph(s), likenesses or images in a publication, electronic media (e.g. video, internet, CD, or other forms of promotional materials for CEF®, their offices, employees, agents, designees, and the photographer from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use. I hereby state I have read carefully and understand the foregoing and know the contents thereof, and I state my agreement with these legally binding agreements as my own free act.
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Medical History for CYIA Students

Providing the following information will help the CYIA Leadership Team be more effective in working with your student. This information will remain confidential.
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Medical Permission

Parent/Guardian: Please give insurance information for the student and provide your signature for a minor (student under age 18)

Finishing up

Once you submit this application, contact your references to give them the paper reference form or the link to the online form to fill out. Your local CEF worker will contact you to do the following: 1. Complete the CEF Child Protection Policy (if you are a new student or have turned 18 since CYIA 2023); 2. Read the CEF Statement of Faith and Workers' Compliance Agreement; 3. Conduct an interview with you. Once we have recieved your application, references, registration fee, and your Child Protection Policy status, you will receive an acceptance letter to CYIA via email. Your local CEF worker will also make sure you receive the CYIA memory verse list, Bible Lesson text, missionary story text, and student guide to help you better prepare for CYIA.