CYIA Kitchen Volunteer

Please fill out this form if you are interested in working in the kitchen at any time during CYIA 2024. Dates for CYIA are June 16 - 28, 2024.

Kitchen Volunteers

Thank you for your willingness to help at CYIA by volunteering your time to help in the kitchen. Please read through the following guidelines then fill out the form below. Mr. Sean Southwell will be contacting you shortly after the form is received.

Kitchen Volunteer Guidelines

1. Becki Meek is the Food Service Coordinator for CYIA. She is the one who will give you assignments. 2. When working with food in the kitchen, you must wear closed-toe shoes. If you are cleaning or washing dishes, sandals are acceptable. 3. Hats or hair nets are required when working with food. 4. All kitchen volunteers must go through the CEF Child Protection Policy. (See the question below regarding this.)
Days you are available. Please check all that apply.
CEF Child Protection Policy
If you have not done the CEF Child Protection Policy application online, please see your local CEF Director or contact Sean Southwell 517-282-6694